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Water Trails - Existing

What is a Water Trail

Water trails are recreational waterways on a lake, river or ocean between specific locations, containing access points and day-use and/or camping sites for the boating public. Water trails emphasize low-impact use and promote stewardship of the resources, while providing healthy, outdoor activity.

The Konocti Regional Trails (KRT) group has created a series of seven draft Water Trail maps on Clear Lake. These include:

Water Trail 1: Rattlesnake Island - 4 mile loop
Water Trail 2: Tule Maze at Anderson Marsh - 6 mile loop
Water Trail 3: Cache Creek Dam - 10 miles roundtrip
Water Trail 4: Island Hopping in the Narrows - 8 mile loop
Water Trail 5: Volcanic Vents of Soda Bay - 6-9 miles round trip
Water Trail 6: Wetlands of Long Tule Point - 8-10 miles round trip
Water Trail 7: Rodman Slough - 8 miles roundtrip

Copies of the water trail maps can be found by selecting from the sidebar, or can be obtained at Lake County Visitor centers. See also our "Loop Guide to Best Paddling" at the bottom of this page. Explore these unique Lake County water trails!

A list of free public-access points on Clear Lake can be found in the sidebar under Water-Trails.