Turkeys love their trails, too!


Photo of male wild turkey at Six Sigma Ranch, Lake County, CA

When hunting around for some turkey photos, someone recommended asking the good folks at Six Sigma Winery. Not only did we get fabulous photos of their local wild turkeys, co-owner Else Ahlmann shared the following comments:

“Even if these turkeys are wild, they can get very comfortable with people who don’t scare them off. They are birds of habit, walking the same trails every day, maybe during several months. They roost in big oak trees at night. At sunrise, they fly down from the trees and start their morning route, and we’ve been fortunate for several months the last couple of years that they walk right past our house in the morning.”

Little did we know that turkeys liked to have their own trails, too!

Six Sigma Ranch is a great place to visit – check out their mud oven next to the tasting room, and the wonderful grounds where you are sure to find these lovely ladies!

Photo of female wild turkeys at Six Sigma Ranch in Lake County, CA

Many thanks to the Ahlmanns for the great photos!