Map of bike trails in Lake County, CA


The maps below are published by the County of Lake, available as downloadable PDFs.  The road cycling maps also provide points of interest for other recreation such as camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and paddling.

For route or trail maps in non-County lands, visit the Land Trails page.




Middle Creek Nature Area Trail Map

Mt Konocti

Wright Peak Summit Map

Vine Trail Map
VT1 – Red Hills Terroir Trail Map




Bike Route Maps for Lake County, CA

Bike Route Maps

Route 1 – Konocti Challenge
102-mile century ride, over 5,600 ft elevation gain around Clear Lake

Route 2 – Around the Lake
66-mile ride, over 3,200 ft elevation gain along Clear Lake shoreline

Route 3 – Konocti 40
20- to 40-mile easy ride in the Lakeport Scotts Valley or/and Kelseyville Big Valley loops

Route 4 – Scotts Valley
32-mile intermediate ride north and west of Lakeport

Route 5 – Kelseyville-Big Valley
14- or 24-mile easy ride south of Lakeport and Kelseyville

Route 6 – Bottle Rock-Soda Bay
38-mile moderate-difficult loop covering Kelseyville, Cobb and the Rivieras

Route 7 – Red Hills-Lakeview
25-mile moderate loop exploring the Red Hills AVA and Pt. Lakeview Rd

Route 8 – Cobb: Mountain Bike
15-mile moderate loops around Cobb and Boggs Mountain

Route 9 – Big Canyon-Middletown
Easy to difficult out-and-back routes in Middletown

Route 10 – Guenoc-Berryessa
Challenging 69- or 81-mile remote routes that lead to Lake Berryessa from Middletown

Route 11 – Clearlake-Lower Lake
Moderate 29-mile loop exploring eastern shoreline of Clear Lake



Click on the numbered box to view the corresponding water trail page or scroll down to the links below to get the PDF files.

Map of water trails on Clear Lake

WT7 Rodman Slough Water Trail WT6 Long Tule Point Water Trail WT5 Soda Bay Water Trail WT4 The Narrows Water Trail WT1 Rattlesnake Island Water Trail WT2 Anderson Marsch Water Trail WT3 Cache Creek Dam Water Trail


Water Trail 1: Rattlesnake Island – 4 mile loop

Water Trail 2: Tule Maze at Anderson Marsh – 6 mile loop

Water Trail 3: Cache Creek Dam – 10 miles round trip

Water Trail 4: Island Hopping in the Narrows – 8 mile loop

Water Trail 5: Volcanic Vents of Soda Bay – 6-9 miles round trip

Water Trail 6: Wetlands of Long Tule Point – 8-10 miles round trip

Water Trail 7: Rodman Slough – 8 miles round trip

Water Trail 8: Upper Blue Lake – 3 miles round trip