South County Study Area


Map overview of South County Study Area

Photo of Detert Reservoir on the Langtry Estate, one of the most picturesque spots in the South County, Lake County, CA

Detert Reservoir on the Langtry Estate, is one of the most picturesque spots in the South County

Update, March 3, 2014:

Cobb resident and Middletown High School senior, Emma Zalusky, developed a Cobb Trails and Pathways map as part of her required Senior Year Project in Dec. 2013. Many thanks to Emma and her parents for the valuable analysis and presentation of community trails and pathways in the Cobb community.

Emma’s map will be invaluable to the work of the KRT South County – Cobb Area Project Team. The KRT and the community of Cobb thank Emma for generously sharing this information. Please note that the map may not be duplicated without permission from Emma Zalusky, and may not be sold or used for commercial purposes.

Proposed Trails: Bike Lanes (pink dotted lines)

Types of trails are Existing, Proposed (approved in plans) and Conceptual Connections (wish list) divided into a three-tiered hierarchy:

  • Regional Trails (RT), connecting neighboring communities or regionally significant attractions.
  • Community Connector Pathways (CP), link important land uses and areas of interest, into the regional system
  • Local Trails/Pathways (LT), connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping; trails within parks.

Please note: Conceptual connections listed may or may not be possible trail routes due to a variety of reasons – terrain, cost, land issues. These are just a suggested and will be researched/revised in the future.

South County list from Workshop 1 and Online Survey:
Type – Description
RT – Hidden Valley to Middletown
RT – Connection to Napa/Sonoma
CP – Putah Creek
CP – Community pathways from Cobb to Boggs State Forest
CP – Bottlerock Road from Pine Grove to Rob Roy Golf Club
CP – Connection to Guenoc Ranch
LT – Bike lanes and walking paths through and on Cobb Mtn
LT – Vernal springs off Bottlerock Rd.

South County List from Workshop 2:
RT – Connect the Cobb and Middletown communities
RT – Connections between the “south county’ area and the rest of Lake County
RT – Cobb to Boggs Forest connection
RT – Bike route along Bottle Rock Road
RT – Konocti to Boggs connection
RT – Ziegler Road bike trail
RT – Big Canyon Road to Hidden Valley (hiking along Putah Creek)
RT – Connect Boggs to the rest of County because of heavy use.
RT – Connection to BRBNA via Robert Louis Stevenson State Park/Pope Valley
RT – Knoxville to Coyote Valley connection
CP – Potential trail access to area vineyards (general note: Langtry/Guenoc future possibility)
CP – Geysers access (land trust) compile mapping (who are key landowners?)
CP – Use Putah Creek as a connection to vineyard on Butts Canyon Rd. (Mdltn to Butts Canyon Rd.
CP – Connection Hwy 175 & Harbin Springs Rd. (McKinley)
CP – Ford Flat Road access to use this as a trail?
CP – Possible use of former logging trails on Mt. Hannah
CP – Glenn Drive connection to school (nature trail/ Boggs West Project)
CP – Harbin to Boggs forest (existing public access)
LT – Research existing trails on 175 & SC & in Boggs
LT – Explore possibilities of Knoxville (within)


  • Reach out to geysers landowners (geothermal)
  • Lack of road ROW for Class II facilities
  • Bikers/ horse & hiker conflicts on area trails
  • Signage and education needed for trail users
  • Coordinate/education awareness within area for mountain biking events (this is the main time of conflict between bikers/horses because equestrians are not aware of major biking events until they arrive in the area and see the event)
  • Illegal marijuana growers
  • Target shooting
  • Meth. labs in Knoxville
  • Design trails for ALL users (group not interested in specially designated trails for different users) This group is primarily equestrians
  • Need for additional trailer parking at trail heads
  • Mitigating mountain bike use impacts (idea: rotate bike use to different trails to minimize the impact on just a few trails)
  • Areas for proposed designated fire breaks could be used for trails (contact South Lake Fire)
  • Safety generally increases with increased trail use
  • Conflict with squirrel hunters
  • Multi-cultural/multi-lingual signage needed (Spanish, Asian)
  • Insurance challenges for public access
  • Potential access through Harbin Hot Springs gate? (Currently is a toll gate)
  • Discern/ research interest in collaboration among groups in the study area
  • Interface with general plan/ Blueprint 2030 meetings to provide trails input/ collaboration

Additional Notes

  • Research equestrian trail easements in Hidden Valley Subdivision
  • Hunting Club access (Wilderness Unlimited/Diamond D)
  • Highland Springs to Boggs connection & connecting South County to the rest of Lake County are KEY.
  • What is the County-owned parcel in SE corner?
  • County insurance needs/offers. Big challenge to landowners agreeing to an easement is their liability and who insures against accidents and how can reasonable rates be achieved?
  • Are there any land trust holdings in SC?
  • Perform a public survey to solicit public trail priority list