Konocti Region Study Area


Map of Konocti Region Study Area

Communities and Destination Areas:
Kelseyville, Rivieras, Clear Lake State Park, Highland Springs, Mt. Konocti, Lakeside Park, Black Forest

Proposed Trails: Bike Lanes (pink dotted lines); Water Trails (pink lines)

Types of trails are Existing, Proposed (approved in plans) and Conceptual Connections (wish list) divided into a three-tiered hierarchy:

  • Regional Trails (RT), connecting neighboring communities or regionally significant attractions.
  • Community Connector Pathways (CP), link important land uses and areas of interest, into the regional system
  • Local Trails/Pathways (LT), connect neighborhoods to schools, shopping; trails within parks.

Please note: Conceptual connections listed may or may not be possible trail routes due to a variety of reasons – terrain, cost, land issues. These are just a suggested and will be researched/revised in the future.

Konocti Region List from Workshop 1 and Online Survey:

Type – Description
RT – Highland Springs to Kelseyville
RT – Kelseyville to Lakeport
RT – Connections to Mt Konocti from Kelseyville
RT – Connections to Mt Konocti from Highland Springs
RT – Connections to Mt Konocti from State Park
RT – Connections to Mt Konocti from Soda Bay
CP – Kelseyville to CLState Park via Kelsey Creek
CP – Lakeside Park to Kelseyville
CP – Soda Bay Road and Gaddy Lane
LT – Trails on Mt Konocti

Konocti Region List from Workshop 2:

RT – Highland Springs to Lakeside Park via Adobe Creek (F)
RT – Highland Springs to South Cow Mtn (via Donovan Valley, Keithly, Granite Construction)(G)
CP – Kelsey Creek Drive to Live Oak via Gross Cutoff (I)
CP – Konocti to the Eli Stage stop (A)
CP – Black Forest to Riviera Heights (D)
CP – Toll Rd via Adobe Creek to Bottlerock Rd. (H)
LT – Trails around and within Black Forest (E)
LT – Trail to Clark Peak from Clarke Drive (B)
LT – Black Forest/Buckingham to Konocti (C)
LT – Riparian bike trail by Kelsey Creek –Loassa /Gaddy /Clarke Drive (J)
LT – Riviera Bike Loop (K)
LT – Riviera West Loop (L)


  • Cooperation between volunteer groups and county government
  • Money for signs on the Highland Springs trails that were developed with ALL volunteer labor time
  • CL State Park to Kelseyville via Kelsey Creek: issues with easements, follow the creek out of Kelseyville; clean up the mess around Kelsey Creek; All Riparian corridors blue lines on maps might be way to connect areas. Would be great demand for this. State Park is a big draw so making connectors from here is a good idea.
  • Mt Konocti from Soda Bay: There is an existing trail on top of Riviera Heights that may be a good way. Potential issues with homeowners, traffic, parking. Also a trail in Riviera West same issues as above.
  • Issues with federal planning process including BLM
  • Wants to ride road bike safely; getting out of Rivieras is difficult

Further explanation of new connection concepts listed above

  • Loop A: Konocti to the Eli Stage stop A corridor that comes from the state park comes down to the Eli Stage stop also to Thurston lake through the top of Anderson marsh. Issues with traffic and the busy highway corridor. Also potential to purchase, get easements etc of 500 acre Mulvaney lands and preserve Thurston creek watershed(Beckstoffer already has headwaters in a conservation easement) and 500 acre corridor
  • Loop B: Existing Trail to Clarke peak used to come from Clarke drive
  • Loop C: from Black Forest/Buckingham to Konocti Possiblr problem with the peregrine falcon nesting area
  • New Loop C: existing trail top of Riviera Heights issues with homeowners, traffic, parking but can loop
  • Loop D: Black forest to Riviera Heights. Perhaps priority one only one land owner to deal with
  • Loop E: Should be a trail around and within the Black Forest. How do we loop all trails up merge existing with new parking issues
  • Loop F: Adobe creek out of highlands springs use riparian corridor that goes to the Lake County Park
  • Loop G: Suggested connections to other study/recreational areas: Highlands Springs to South Cow Mountain. Easements through Donovan Valley/Keithly/ Granite Construction big hook up
  • Loop H: top of Toll Road goes right to Adobe Creek which runs the ridge all the way to Bottle Rock. Jeep Road to Boggs mountain as well. Problem: extensive property owners and the Geysers
  • Loop I: From Kelsey creek to Live Oak Drive an old road to get to town


  • Mt. Konocti: There is a need for connecting routes from here and all that have Konocti in it. Start at the top and figure out how to get down.
  • Old trails on topo maps that are now overgrown that can be identified and reclaimed. Use Google Earth. Can ultimate plan have both “low hanging fruit” but also prioritize trails if all was in the ideal?
  • What is the easiest to identify and get going on now. Get the main ones done before you can expand out.
  • This is citizen designed and citizen driven.
  • From county stand point trails on the mountain. From a citizen standpoint will take the opportunities presented.
  • Looking for carriage-friendly trails fairly level and fairly wide. Clarke Drive has carriages right now.
  • Highlands Springs focus: they already have a strong volunteer group led by Karen Sullivan and Backcountry Horsemen of California Lake-Mendo Chapter
  • Identify points of interest on all trails – for instance huge grave marker/stone from former resident on Konocti.
  • Next step is to get volunteers.
  • There are 100 trail possibilities. Call schools, set up an email list where local trail project needs can be advertised so that the entire community of Lake County trail junkies can spawn.
  • Maintenance and patrolling must be built in. Bikers, docents, scouts, etc.
  • State park to Kelseyville is high priority.