KRT Vision & Goals

Photo view of Clear Lake and Mt. Konocti from Shannon Ridge


The Konocti Regional Trails & Pathways system (Konocti Regional Trails) is a network of trails and community pathways on and around Clear Lake that highlight the region’s outstanding scenic beauty, diverse wildlife, natural landscapes, and cultural history.


Enhance the visitor experience by providing an opportunity for recreation and appreciation of these unique assets, and promote community health and economic vitality throughout the region.


  • Integrate key local, state, federal and other publicly accessible parks, natural lands and recreational areas, highlighting the area’s unique natural, scenic, cultural, and historic resources.
  • Establish a system of community pathways that provide connections to local amenities, neighborhoods, and recreation destinations.
  • Feature major recreation destinations including Mount Konocti, a primary ridgeline trail and an interconnected water trail system for kayaking and canoeing and other human-powered boating with connections to local communities.
  • Emphasize non-motorized, multiple use trail opportunities for hikers, mountain bicyclists, equestrians, and paddlers.
  • Offer a range of recreation opportunities for people of all ages, interests and abilities, promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Promote volunteerism and resource stewardship through outdoor recreation, education, interpretation, and hands-on involvement.
  • Positively communicate the remarkable scenic, natural, cultural, and historical resources of Lake County increasing visitation, the quality of the visitor experience, and economic vitality.
  • Respect private property rights and the right of privacy on lands throughout the trail planning process and limit as much as possible, the impact(s) on adjacent and private land uses.
  • Identify long-term funding sources for the provision of adequate maintenance, management, and support facilities throughout the trail system to ensure on-going public safety.