April Hikes at the McLaughlin Reserve

Saturday, April 21, 2018 – Grateful Dead Hike
Hike a beautiful Lake County location that few people ever visit.  The loop begins at the McLaughlin Reserve where we hike down the slopes overlooking Hole Creek and across to the rock outcrop that we affectionately call “Grateful Dead.”  After appreciating the views from the top, we’ll loop back to the start.  Be prepared for a steep ascent to the top of the rock with sections of loose scree slope. 3 miles, moderately strenuous.  Hike info and registration are available at https://www.napalandtrust.org/hikes/grateful-dead-peak-2/, or by phone 707.252.3270. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018 – Three Counties Hike
Hike a remote corner of the McLaughlin Reserve where Napa, Yolo and Lake Counties come together.  We will cross wildflower-laden serpentine meadows and view interesting geologic formations, the remains of a 19th century mercury mine, and unusual plants such as the primitive conifer California nutmeg.  5 miles, moderately strenuous. Hike info and registration are available at https://www.napalandtrust.org/hikes/three-counties-hike/, or by phone 707.252.3270.

Saturday, April 21, 2018 – Camp Out at McLaughlin
Sign up for one or both hikes above, and join us for overnight camping and a group potluck at the McLaughlin Reserve.  Sign up for each hike individually then email Cathy Koehler (koehler@ucdavis.edu) to make reservations for the campout.  Cathy will provide details on access, available facilities, and a nominal reserve use fee.